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Dedicated Joint Replacement Centre

We have a dedicated team headed by Dr. Vinod Agrawal that specialises inn joint replacement, with special emphasis on Knee and Hip Replacement surgeries. Overall, this team has performed over 3000 replacement surgeries!

Endoscopic Spine Centre

Minimally Invasive Endoscopy surgery allows for the quickest recovery time for the patient and prevents a lot of the complications that are associated with the traditional ‘open’ surgeries! Ark Hospital is the first dedicated Endoscopic Spine Centre in Mumbai.

Complex Trauma

Fractures can sometimes be complicated and difficult to treat. But with Dr. Vinod Agrawal’s 30 years of experience and expertise, you can rest assured that his tried and true algorithm of fracture treatment yields optimal results every time!


Dr. Agrawal is a believer in minimally invasive techniques and supports the use of arthroscopy to treat common known and shoulder problems that would otherwise require open surgeries.


Back Pain

Click on the image to know more about how to treat your back pain, whether it has been bothering you for 2 weeks or 2 years, Dr. Vinod Agrawal carefully curates his treatment to make sure that YOU get optimal relief.

Knee Pain

Depending on your age and activity, a variety of causes can lead to pain. Click on the image above to know more about what could be causing yours!

Hip Pain

Whether you have been told you need a replacement or you have no idea what’s wrong with your hip, click on the image to know more about various ailments affecting your joint.

Sport Injuries

Sports injuries can be very frustrating especially for professional players. Click on the image to learn more about different causes and possible solutions to the pain.