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Knee Pain? You May Need a Replacement

Dr. Agrawal always holds the option of knee replacement till the end but does not hesitate to recommend it once it is necessary. If you are suffering from prolonged knee arthritis, it is important to consider a knee replacement. Scroll down for more info.

Hip Pain? Don't be Scared of Hip Replacement!

Hip arthritis or hip fractures may sometimes need to be treated with a replacement/ However, it is important to understand that this surgery can get you back to walking within 2-3 days and there is no need to be scared of this.

Knee Replacement Surgery

Dr. Agrawal has performed over 3000 successful knee replacement surgeries over his 30 year career. Almost all patients are walking within a day or two’s time. It is important for the patient to understand the procedure, which helps in quick walking post-op.

Hip Replacement

Dr. Agrawal has performed more than 2000 hip replacement surgeries in his 30 year career and uses only the best implants and adapts his technique according to the patient age and requirements.